all embroidery machine review


Embroidery machines — this is the most complex and «mysterious» sewing machines. Even knowing the device and operation of the embroidery machine, still amazed her next «masterpiece». Modern sewing and embroidery machines and special computer control program (design), thread and materials allow to make really real «miracles» embroidery.
The software that controls the processes of embroidery machine, embroider allow both the traditional technique (or the surface of the cross), and perform complex kinds of embroidery using this original embroidery techniques like quilting and patchwork.
With the help of computer programs that manage the process of sewing, you can even transfer to fabric own photos, not to mention lace cutwork or appliqué.

futura xl-400

1. The fabric is stretched in the embroidery hoop

As with embroidery, embroidery machine uses a hoop in which the fabric is stretched. Stretched fabric frame moves one stitch and needle makes punctures, forming a stitch. these processes is controlled by a computer program, according to a predetermined pattern or a pattern whose image is visible on the display of the machine.

Before embroidery on the machine and press the «Start» button, you must download the desired pattern (design) in the form of an electronic file in a computer machine program. After that, you need to choose the right size hoop, pull the fabric and fill with desired colors thread in Machico. And only after that you can do embroidery.
The process itself does not require human intervention, the operator just watches and waits for the end of the embroidery machine. However, if the image contains many colors, the machine will automatically stop and offer to change the color of the skin. At this point, you can trim the excess pulling threads. However, there are embroidery machines, which themselves are cut broaches and can not take care of it.
After the embroidery hoop can be removed and ironed ready to work.

The more processes are automated embroidery machine, the higher its price. Keep this in mind if you decide to buy an inexpensive embroidery machine.

pe500 brother embroidery machine

2. Before you buy an embroidery machine embroidery specify size

Choosing household embroidery machine, note the maximum size of the embroidery designs. The size of embroidery, performed without having to move the hoop, progress is determined by the size of the carriage. The width of the embroidery machine is limited to the length of the platform (the sleeves of departure).
Many embroidery machines, to increase the size of the embroidery, use perestavnye hoop. That is, the embroidery process occurs in two stages. At first, one half of the design is sewn, and then the hoop fixed for the second mount, and embroidered the second half. Design of the hoop must be pre-prepared. Figure should be divided into two parts in a special program.

Before you buy an embroidery machine to get the instruction section, which indicates the maximum size of embroidery without having to move the hoop and the maximum size of the adjustable hoop.

3. Compatibility designs different embroidery machines

Designs embroidery machines
Such a short word as fashionable design knitting machines can be interpreted as anything. This appearance of the embroidery machine, and figure which she embroiders on a fabric and a USB flash drive, in which a set of patterns for embroidery. In our context, it means the flash drive. Flash card contains certain patterns and embroidery designs for any given model embroidery machine. From it and «pumped» pattern and the size of the image in a computer program.
In relatively old models of embroidery machines instead of the modern media flash card information used CD — disks.

Select embroidery machine is difficult. It costs a lot of money, and you need to take into account a lot of parameters. One of these parameters — the compatibility of designs different brands of embroidery machines: Brother, Janome, Bernina, Husqvarna and others. Specify whether the machine will be able to use designs from other manufacturers, whether these designs fit into the working area of your hoop embroidery machine, etc. For example, in the hoop embroidery machines Bernina oval (255 x 145 mm) fit Janome company designs for rectangular hoop (200 x 140 mm). But it does not fit the majority of Husqvarna designs for hoop (240 x 150 mm), since the cut corners oval hoop will interfere.

If you plan to embroider many and large size images, you better buy a professional industrial embroidery machine. Naturally, the price is much higher than her household machines, but performance and much higher. For small sizes embroidery on children’s clothing, household machine is perfect, even with the small size of the hoop.

4. Attaching the embroidery frame at two points improves the embroidery quality

Choosing the embroidery machine, it is necessary to consider another feature, which affects the embroidery quality — reliability hoop mounting. Hoop in most household embroidery machines are mounted in one of the parties. Fixing the hoop at two points (at opposite sides) significantly improves the quality of the embroidery. But this attachment is found only in professional and industrial embroidery machines Janome MB-4 and Brother PR-620.
This photo clearly shows what they are capable of embroidery machines.

If you want to embroider a large and complex paintings or embroidered cloth to collect from the individual elements, it should also pay special attention to the reliability of the hoop mounting. How secure is held taut fabric in the embroidery frame to the embroidery stitches while not astringent. How evenly tensioned fabric in round hoop. Desirably, the fingers have rounded corners shape.